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ProChart - Blank makeup face charts

Blank makeup face charts

Blank face charts

For the professional makeup artist

  • Create detailed breakdown for clients

  • Use as reference on runway shows

  • Create work for your portfolio

  • Capture and share your ideas

Blank Face Charts for Professional Makeup Artists

The original, high quality face charts, designed for makeup artists

We make blank Face Charts (aka Make-up Design Sheets) used by students, tutors, working make-up artists and make-up enthusiasts all over the world. ProCharts have been used by top make-up artists to design looks for anything from Vogue shoots to runway shows and tutoring. ProCharts are printed on paper suitable to hold make-up so you’ll get a true representation of your look.  



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Buy your original blank makeup face charts here! Used by professional make up artists, students and many more!


Get some inspiration and see how other makeup artists use their ProChart blank face charts.


Catch up on the latest makeup industry news, views and gossip (including where the ProChart blank face charts are being used right now!).

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